Learn a new sport – Hapkido


Interested in learning a new sport but not sure which on? Why not consider Hapkido? While not the most well known of the martial arts this form comes from Korea. It isn’t the most ancient of martial arts, with its origins about one hundred years old, but it’s one of the most effective forms of self-defence.

It’s popular comes from the fact that it’s a mixed martial art, meaning that there are many different techniques and that it was developed in a pragmatic way as opposed to some of the older martial arts that focus on tradition and heritage. It can claim both Japanese judo and Korean jujutsu as its processors though it incorporated a techniques from more than one discipline.

Unfortunately, it has not had the publicity that other martial arts have had. This is partly due to the difficulty of Korean-Japanese relations in the 20th century, especially the first half when there was tremendous rivalry and hatred between both countries that culminated in several episodes of military engagement.

Although Korea and Japan still find themselves on opposite ends of the spectrum on certain issues for the most part they are peaceful neighbours who an acknowledge their long and interwoven history. Hapkido is but one testament to that.

In recent years Hapkido is making its way round the world as something that is both new and familiar. Because it borrows so many techniques and philosophies it will be familiar to the martial arts aficionado, but at the same time it will be new because it has developed its own, unique approaches to combat and defence.

Its popularity is on the rise in Scandinavia, where people are taking it up more and more quickly as an alternative to other forms of martial arts. If you’re interested then consider stopping by a local Hapkido gym to participate in a lesson or two or perhaps try spicing things up by placing bets. You can find online free sports picks.

If you’re at a loss for what to new martial art to learn, however, definitely consider Hapkido and it’s guaranteed not to disappoint!