Getting started in Hapkido: three crucial tips

Compared to some of the giants of the martial arts world like Karate or Kung Fu, Hapkido is not one of the best known martial arts. But like other often overlooked martial arts that’s not for any particular reason other than cultural awareness. If you’re interested in broadening your martial arts horizons so to speak, […]

The (mental) joys of Hapkido

In this blog I’ve spent a lot of time writing about the history of Hapkido and the factors that have gone into it such as the history of Korea, the philosophy of Hapkido and what makes it my favourite martial art. What I haven’t spent too much time writing about has been how the martial […]

Hapkido: Korea 101

It’s true of sport, food, language, clothing, art, and philosophy that they are heavily influenced by culture and can themselves heavily influence culture. Sometimes if one is travelling and has no point of access, so to say, on the culture one is visiting, it can feel strange, other worldly, and perhaps even ‘wrong’ to the […]

Body, mind and spirit: why I do Hapkido

For a while now I’ve used this blog to talk about hapkido and explain it to people who may not know much about it. I’ve explained some of its basic tenets and why it’s endured the test of time (although it isn’t all that old) and why it’s been taken up by so many people […]

Why Hapkido is my favourite martial art

There are thousands of martial arts to choose from if one is considering a taking up a new sport. Japan has a rich tradition and legacy of martial arts, as does its larger and more ancient neighbour China, to say nothing of countries like Vietnam and the Philippines, which each have their own traditions.   […]