Top Martial Arts Competitions

For the devotee of martial arts there is much to admire and cherish, but it’s not always easy to find others who share one’s passions (not that there is necessarily anything unique about that situation). Unlike football which had FA Cup Finals, Champion League Finals, and of course World Cup, Euro Cup, Copa Libertadores and […]

What is Hapkido ?

An overview: Hap: Union, Co-ordination Ki: Vital Energy Do: Way/Path This is the meaning of this Korean Martial Art well diversified in its basics principles. Hap Ki Do consists of circular movements including torsions (articular stimulus), kicks, punches, falls,mobilisations, locks and pressure points. These pressure points correspond to the meridian of internal organs. Weapons are […]

Hapkido’s Founder

Grandmaster Choi was born in the village of Yong-dong in the Ch’ungch’eong province of Korea. When he was about eight years old he met a Japanese businessman named Morimoto. Morimoto was a candy store owner. He and his wife had no sons so they took Choi back to Japan. Choi was at this time around […]